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Should I Carry My Gun Without a Holster?

Should I Carry My Gun Without a Holster? To holster or not to holster, that is the question. Always holster!  To just carry a handgun in your pocket or purse without a holster is a bad idea on so many different levels.  It can be very unsafe, non-tactical and impractical.  A holster provides a level of safety by covering the trigger and preventing accidental discharges.   An accidental discharge is better known as, "you pulled the trigger when you didn't mean to".  So get your bugger hooks off the bang switch until you are ready to shoot.  Often an accidental discharge [...]

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Customer Reviews

1/25/16, 8:15 am Other, Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality That class was the best I have ever been to! I would recommend this class to everyone I know.  1/23/16, 8:00 pm Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality The atmosphere was great, Ron made everyone feel very comfortable it was a great class. The information was wonderful. 1/23/16, 10:07 am Other, Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality Great staff.... they were very personable, informative, gave individual attention when needed and made everyone comfortable making it a great learning experience. 1/3/16, 10:34 am Other, Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality I am a lifelong hunter/shooter but [...]

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Preparing for a Home Invasion

  A plan for the home invaders of the worst kind! No one wants to think about the possibility of a home invasion or close encounter break in while the family is home but, it does happen.  Many families have faced these terrifying events and many more will in the future.  As a result some families have suffered physical and or emotionally scars while some no longer have a second chance to survive. Plan for a home invader of the worst  kind because invaders do not come in peace, if they did they would have made an appointment.  Home defense is [...]

Preparing for a Home Invasion2018-09-19T13:51:27-04:00

One handed shooting is PRACTICAL AND TACTICAL!

One handed shooting is a very important skill to possess in the world of shooting. It is both practical and tactical.  One handed shooting refers to the ability of an individual to successfully operate a weapon with one hand. This operation could and should include drawing, firing, loading, magazine changes and clearing malfunction. The possession of certain skills may just save the day. When developing one hand shooting skills, both hands should have shooting proficiencies. Those proficiencies will vary from hand to hand so train with both.  For most of us our primary hand is our right hand and our support [...]

One handed shooting is PRACTICAL AND TACTICAL!2018-09-19T13:51:56-04:00


Well it is the holidays again and the Black Friday rush has once again come and gone. Now for the Christmas shopping marathon. With all the running around, being tired and stopping so many places it is easy to let your guard down. We have all seen it at one time or the other as we walk through the parking lot. You can’t help but notice a purse, computer, Christmas gifts or cash money plainly visible in the vehicle. This is never a good idea and it sounds like a police report is about to happen. The following is a few [...]



Another Christmas is upon us and if you are like me, the bank account is smaller this year than ever before.  The prices for gifts and an ever increasing family size of grandkids tend to turn my Christmas smile into a Grinch face.  As I struggle to prepare for Santa I cannot imagine the horrible thoughts of losing those hard to pay for presents to a worthless thief.  The thought of a broken door that gives way to a ravished Christmas nativity of presents lost is unimaginable.  This loss of Christmas does happen and it happens more than we would like [...]

MY FRONT SIGHTS ON CHRISTMAS2018-09-19T13:52:09-04:00


    The world seems to be getting more unpredictable by the minute.  It seems everyone is buying guns and training to use them.  The problem now is identifying the "good guys".  Since there is no way to know, we will call them "armed persons".  So, what are the top 5 best ways to identify an armed person? #1   Shirt outside the pants        A shirt worn outside the pants is the #1 characteristic of a person with a gun.  An un-tucked shirt should be a clue that a weapon may be concealed.  It is very easy and comfortable to strap [...]


How Do I Find A Good Firearms Instructor?

As an instructor I do the following when looking for an instructor.  I want to ensure I am getting the most for my money while learning new and exciting techniques to try on the gun range. Finding a firearms instructor may not be difficult but, finding that "right fit" between student and teacher may take a little research.  Start by finding reputable shooting ranges, gun clubs or training facilities that specialize in subject material you are interested in learning.  Read the descriptions of the classes and determine if that sounds like fun.  Second, but most important  is to read the instructor [...]

How Do I Find A Good Firearms Instructor?2019-09-11T10:44:48-04:00


Whether it's a Birthday Party, Holiday Party or Business Meeting..we've got you covered! 1100 Square foot room for small, medium or large gatherings.  Whether it is just a party or a business meeting, we have full audio and video equipment, projectors and 65 inch wall mounted flat screen to set the atmosphere or present your business ideas. 14 State of the Art shooting lanes if you decide to get adventurous and blow off some steam...free gun training with booked parties. Or if you are more into self defense training we have a short version of each of our defense classes...whether it [...]

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