Project Description

Powerful Techniques for Response in a Crisis Situation

Class Time: 4 hrs

Class Cost: $75

Ages 15 and up – bring your teen or a friend so you will have a practice partner at home.

For those who just do not have enough time in their day to get everything accomplished, this class teaches all of the most important and powerful techniques for response to a crisis situation. Hand escapes, hair escapes, choke escapes, bear hugs, ground escapes, strikes and weapons are included in the instruction. For the ladies, we do not teach you to kick and punch your attacker. Women’s hands and faces are not made for that kind of fighting. We teach you to use energy techniques that help you defeat your attacker with minimal strikes as quickly as possible.

Come check out this class and see how powerful you really can be when defending your life or the lives of your loved ones

** Each student will receive a certificate upon completion of the class.


All classes are handicapped-accessible and offer valuable techniques for every student.