Project Description

Xtreme Divas 360 Level II: Intermediate Women’s Self Defense

Xtreme Divas 360 II is the next step in developing and enhancing your personal safety training. Xtreme Divas 360 II combines the skill foundations learned in part one and takes them to the next level of application. This class is divided into  4 steps to complete this training experience. All classes are systematically controlled and videoed. During the application portion of this class, students will be in padded suits for safety during contact segments.

** Each student will receive a certificate upon completion of the class.

Class Time: 8 hrs

Class Cost: $175

Off-site classes can be broken up into two 4-hour sessions

or one full 8-hour session ($175).

Ask for details. (423) 710-3170

Class Steps


In this 2-hour session, students will review all the skills learned in Xtreme Divas 360 Level 1. They will have opportunity to implement the refreshed skills and apply them in a open, fluid dynamic. Students will perform the escapes and strikes while in motion as they are becoming comfortable in perfecting the techniques and movements. Each student will find that their natural body movements will identify with a particular style of techniques which they will instinctively use in panic situations.


In this 2-hour session, students will be introduced to a more advanced set of techniques for their escape and strikes. They will then combine their skill sets and practice with their partners in force-on-force practicum. Functions in balance displacement and target acquisition will be accompanied with strikes and counter strikes.


In this 2-hour session, students will be tested in regular lighting and low light scenarios. Students find themselves in less than favorable conditions as they apply their skills against a padded attacker. There will be standing and ground attack scenarios. The most amazing part of this class is realizing how your subconscious comes to your rescue and takes over in a panic situation. You put the training in your subconscious and it will be there when you need it.


In this 2-hour women’s self defense session, students are exposed to a padded attacker in simulated self-defense scenarios. Students will be tested not only physically but physiologically as lighting conditions fade to black with each advanced scenario. Lighting is not optional as depth perception, fear and anxiety are used against the trained diva. Don’t worry instructors, you are somewhat padded as the divas go full tilt against aggression.


All classes are handicapped-accessible and offer valuable techniques for every student.