Hospitality Security Service

Protect Your Guests & Your Property. Zirkops Security is your choice for the best Chattanooga hospitality security service. We don’t just know the area – we know the most effective security tactics and property protection methods. Our 24-hour armed and unarmed security professionals are an always-present deterrent to crime. In addition, by choosing Zirkops as your hospitality security service, you may reduce your insurance premiums. Hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations all benefit from our training and vigilance.

We also provide risk assessment and mitigation services, giving you insight into weak spots in your security envelope. Then, we offer solutions that address those weaknesses. For example, our patrols might be deployed to a particular area more frequently, or we may recommend more effective CCTV camera placement.

Effective Hospitality Security Service Creates a Safe & Secure Experience

  • Your guests will have the most relaxing stay possible
  • Your visitors will feel completely secure
  • Your staff will be able to perform their best, free from worry

Zirkops security staff will cooperate with your policies come alongside you in forming new ones for the most complete protection.

We Offer:

  • Armed and unarmed security guard service
  • Coverage at all entrances and gates you choose
  • Mobile patrols by vehicle or on foot
  • Round-the-clock surveillance monitoring
  • The ability to dedicate staff for VIP executive protection
  • Fast alarm response
  • Security for goods and equipment
  • Security risk assessment & mitigation

Transportation & Executive Protection Service

If any of your guests need secure transportation to the event location and back, we can fill that need. You’ll be provided with an armed or unarmed chauffeur, whichever your guests require. In addition, your chauffeur will have years of personal protection experience, ensuring that your VIP guests receive the best security possible.

Zirkops has been in the security business for decades. For that reason, you can trust us to protect your hospitality location and provide full safety. Call us today at (423) 710-3170 to learn more about our hospitality security services.