Project Description

JR XD360

Designed for girls ages 15-18

Class Time: 4 hrs

Class Cost: $75

Young ladies are not growing up in the same world as their parents did!

The JR XD360 class is taught on location at Zirkops and at High Schools throughout the state to prepare the young women of today before they leave for college.

The Xtreme Divas 360 Women’s Self-defense program lends its training to cover young ladies between the ages of 15-18. Ladies of this age group are preparing to enter a new part of their life transition. These young ladies are starting to learn how to face the adult world and handle adult problems. They are preparing to go off to college in environments they have not experienced before and will not be prepared to fully handle. Living in a family bubble where mom and dad have watched over and protected them all of their life does not prepare them for the unknown people in unfamiliar territory they will encounter at college. This can be a scary thing for a young lady. We have many young ladies returning from their first semester at college with an urgency to take a self defense class due to not being fully prepared. Dark alleys, strange roommates, distant classes, boys don’t know what the word “no” means…lots of reasons for a young lady to understand and have self defense skills before leaving home. That’s where the JR XD360 class kicks in to increase confidence, awareness and ability.

The JR XD360 program is based on the Xtreme Divas curriculum. The materials presented in this course are deliberate and effective against an attack. Strikes to areas outlined in this program could cause severe injury or worse to the attacker or attackers. The emphasis is placed on never needing to deploy strikes but instead implement escape and evasion measures to distance oneself from confrontation and potential hostilities. Time is spent on identifying truly hostile targets while dismissing emotional-based responses to social stimuli that could result in inappropriate actions. The first part of the class focuses on Situational Awareness and the importance of avoiding circumstances that put you in danger.

**Each student will receive a certificate upon completion of the class.


All classes are handicapped-accessible and offer valuable techniques for every student.