Manufacturing Security Service

Your manufacturing facility is at risk of theft, vandalism, and many other events that cut into your profit margin. Property damage, whether careless or intentional, can be a major loss factor. And, if you experience loss, your facility’s insurance cost will rise. However, you have a solution – call Zirkops for manufacturing security service. We work with your team and within your facility’s constraints to deter unwanted “visitors” and reduce your exposure. Rely on us for professional, proven security planning, consulting, and facility guard service.

Manufacturing Security Service Elements We Offer

  • Armed or unarmed security guards – whichever your risk calls for
  • Foot and/or vehicle patrols
  • Risk assessment consulting and recommended action plan
  • Alarm response and evacuation planning

Experienced Manufacturing Facility Security for All Situations

Any facility is only as secure as its perimeter. For that reason, preventing unauthorized access is the first step in creating a proper security envelope. In addition, we train our guards to detect suspect activity at any location, giving us the ability to I.D. and neutralize threats before they gain access.

We also work with your team to provide employee training to multiply the number of eyes “on alert.” No matter how many security guards your manufacturing security service plan calls for, we can fill the need. Our heads-up professionals give you peace of mind and a solid risk elimination partner. Lean on our knowledge and experience for full protection.

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