Project Description

Advanced Handgun

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Class time 3 hrs.  Class cost $125.


Students attending this class will be entering into a curriculum designed around developing skill sets that will take them to the next level in shooting and self-defense situation. Drawing, firing and reloading your weapon in less than favorable conditions is just the start. Students take skills from the intermediate class and apply them in shooting from a variety of positions while in the dark or a low light environment. Different flashlight techniques combined with night sights will be used to complete the course

  • Drawing and Shooting
  • Emergency/Tactical Reloading
  • Flashlight Techniques
  • Shooting techniques for low light
  • Shooting techniques in the dark
  • Shooting from a variety of positions in the dark

Upon completion of this class, students will have a real work working foundation in acquiring targets in less than favorable lighting conditions. Students will be able to draw and shoot from a variety of positions while using flashlight and night sights. These positions could be used in real world self-defense situation when engaging targets in an environment that is less than favorable.

Pre-Class Information

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class to allow time to complete some necessary paperwork. Online registration and payment are crucial to obtaining a seat for this class.

Zirkops will provide you with hearing and eye protection for use during the range portion of the class. Students are encouraged to bring their personal weapon to use during the live fire portion of the class with 200+ rounds of ammunition.  If you do not currently own a firearm, rental guns and ammunition are available for an additional cost.  It is recommended that students wear a hat with bill, closed toe footwear and comfortable clothes with high neckline.

*Night sights are not required for class attendance.  (Recommended)
*A flashlight is required.
*A tactical flashlight is not required for class attendance. (Recommended)
*Weapons mounted lights are not required for class attendance. (Recommended)
*3 magazines are not required for class attendance. (Recommended)
*Magazine pouch is not required for class attendance. (Recommended – Any type)
*A holster is not required for class attendance. ( Recommended)
This is a shooting class where a large portion of the time will be spent shooting 200+ rounds.
Any caliber of weapon is accepted.


All classes are handicapped-accessible and offer valuable techniques for every student.