Warehouse Security Service

Protecting your goods and property is of highest importance. That’s because your warehouse security service can make a huge difference in your profitability. That’s why every part of your warehousing plan needs to take security into account.

Your warehouse is a high-traffic environment, with valuable goods and a layout that offers blind spots. However, you can reduce risk by choosing the right security service. You need a provider who knows warehousing well and can anticipate potential factors of risk. For that reason, select Zirkops as your warehouse security service. We’ve spent years helping clients mitigate the risks that cut into their bottom line. Distribution centers around Chattanooga rely on us to be their on-site eyes and ears in order to protect their goods.

As Your Warehouse Security Service, We Provide:

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

Your unique layout and physical space determines our training. Our personnel is trained in excess of Tennessee requirements. In addition, they carry valuable customer service skills in order to resolve conflicts and assess situations.

Mobile Patrol

We cover your entire facility, and use whatever means needed to ensure security. Foot and vehicle patrols are an integral part of our service.

Alarm Response

We help you avoid penalties that false alarms may bring if city police are called in. Route your building alarms to our response line and our uniformed personnel will respond.

Security Testing

Zirkops security professionals have the know-how and situational experience to test your security protocol. Call on our team to perfect the way you keep your people and goods secure.

Call us today at (423) 710-3170 to learn more about how we can guard your property and personnel.