Construction Security Service

Your site is only safe if your construction security service is fully engaged and alert. Without effective, experienced security guards, equipment can go missing. Supplies and material can disappear. For that reason, rely on Zirkops as your construction security service.

For years, our trained armed and unarmed security professionals have guarded construction sites. In addition, we’ve given developers peace of mind, knowing that their investment is secure. We use our extensive experience, with tactics and methods that apply on any type of site. However, construction sites demand particular tactics, and we effectively use those. Your staff and assets are safe with our construction security service.

Full Coverage Construction Security Service

Vandals and thieves love it when construction stops for the day. With most sites left idle during at least part of the day, you need a reliable service to take over. Call on us to protect your profit margin with the following construction security services:

  • Surveillance system monitoring and visual scanning
  • Armed or unarmed security guards
  • Risk assessment and consulting to eliminate potential weak spots
  • Mobile patrols in vehicles, on foot, or both – whatever the site layout calls for

We adapt our services to fit your particular construction site. For that reason, you can rely on Zirkops for peace of mind and full security. Call us today at (423) 710-3170 to learn more about how we can guard your property and personnel.