Project Description

Basic Shotgun

Basic Shotgun

Class time 3 hrs.  Class cost $75.

Students attending this class will be entering into a structured program designed around the first time ‘entry level’ shotgun shooter.  The course curriculum is intended to bring new shooters into the shooting community with a focus on the following topics:

advanced handgun classes

  • Introduction/Function/Operation
  • Basic Marksmanship Skills
  • Stance/Grip/Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Control/Gun Safety
  • Weapons Malfunction and Clearance Procedures
  • Basic cleaning and storage of weapons
  • Implementation of family safety rules for children

Upon completion of this class, students will have an understanding of a shotgun platform or equivalent. Students will have a basic foundation in marksmanships skills that they can use to place shots on target. Students will be able to safely and effectively fix weapons malfunction, clean and store their guns while implementing a plan for their family’s safety when a gun is present in the home.

Pre-Class Information

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class to allow time to complete some necessary paperwork. Online registration and payment are crucial to obtaining a seat for this class.

Zirkops will provide you with hearing and eye protection for use during the range portion of the class. Students are encouraged to bring their personal weapon to use during the live fire portion of the class with 10+ bird shot /10+ 00buck /10+ slug rounds of ammunition.  If you do not currently own a firearm, rental guns and ammunition are available for an additional cost.  It is recommended that students wear a hat with bill, closed toe footwear and comfortable clothes with high neckline.
Class duration is 3 hrs.  Class cost is $75.


All classes are handicapped-accessible and offer valuable techniques for every student.