Executive Protection Service

Personal protection is more than simply a guard in a suit who follows you around. In fact, true executive protection demands keen eyesight, mental acuity, years of training, and effective threat response logic. For that reason, and because you deserve a secure environment at home or on the move, call Zirkops. We’ll provide the guards you require. In addition, we’ll equip them with all the tools they need for your protection.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we provide service in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia. We select our executive protection guards based on their physical skills, presence of mind, and interpersonal ability. Therefore, you can be sure that your guard will be effective in any situation.

Executive Protection Service for Any Event or Location

Every client has different personal protection needs, most of them specific and situational. For that reason, our team creates an individualized protection plan based on our interview with you or your representative. You can rely on your guard to discreetly ensure your safety at:

  • Red carpet events & private parties
  • Your residence or other accommodation
  • The workplace in cases of security exposure, such as volatile employee terminations and high-risk business meetings

Trained Security Specialists

Our Chattanooga executive protection staff undergo extensive real-world training. Many have come from military or law enforcement careers. Each is able and effective to reduce your exposure to violence, stalkers, or any other personal, physical risk.

You’ll experience the feeling of peace and security, knowing that our guards are watching your surroundings and responsive to neutralize any threat.

Executive Transportation Service

If you need secure transportation to and from any location, we can fill that need. You’ll be provided with an armed chauffeur in addition to your guard. In addition, your chauffeur will have years of personal protection experience, ensuring that you receive the best security possible.

When you’ve trusted Zirkops with your personal security, you can rest easy, knowing that we have the situation under control. Get proper executive protection service. Simply call us at (423) 710-3170 today.