Marina Security Service

Boats left unattended are a costly risk to carry. For that reason, marinas have a compelling need for a protective perimeter. That’s where our marina security service comes in. Because your clients have entrusted their prized craft to you, they deserve the best security possible. Unfortunately, every year we hear stories of boats vandalized and property damaged due to insufficient security service.

For that reason, rely on us to stress-test your marina, assess the risk, and deliver an action plan to strengthen your perimeter security. Keep criminals at bay! When they don’t find you an easy target, they’ll move on.

However, security doesn’t stop at the perimeter. We also monitor your internal CCTV feed in order to detect illicit activity inside the fence. This will give your clients peace of mind. They’ll know that, not only are their watercraft protected, but they’re also personally secure. With our armed and unarmed guards in view, your marina’s reputation can only benefit.

Why Choose Zirkops for Marina Security Service?

As we take charge of your marina security service, you can expect us to:

  • Monitor all boats. Our guards will keep track of all boats on premises and check on them frequently.
  • Monitor foot traffic. Our guards will spot any visitors and be on the lookout for illicit activity. Only legitimate visitors will be allowed in.
  • Alert local police. If any security event takes place, our guards will alert local law enforcement and ensure they understand the situation.
  • Assess and reinforce points of vulnerability. Professional marina security guards can spot and eliminate weak spots in your security envelope. Their eyes are trained to cover a large area and spot irregularities in an instant.

To discover more about how Zirkops can take care of your marina security, call (423) 710-3170 today.