Mobile Patrol Service

Mobile patrols make up an essential tactic in your location’s security. Without them, you’re forced to rely on CCTV ­– which doesn’t always show the whole picture. Because people can be more accurate than cameras when it comes to observation, choose Zirkops mobile patrol service. We can help you bring success to your security setup.

In addition, mobile patrols are an effective deterrent to illicit activity. Rapid response and large-area coverage are just two of the major benefits. With an eyes-up approach and thorough training, our mobile security staff, both armed and unarmed, give you peace of mind. Depend on us to protect your assets and facility.

Mobile Patrol Service: Where & When You Need Us Most

What type of property do you need to secure? Malls, warehouses, office complexes, church properties, campuses and more can benefit from our dedicated mobile patrol service. When you need on-site mobile security, our units are there. In addition, we provide fast alarm response and illicit activity prevention.

If you don’t need a security guard in place but want to ensure you’re protected, choose mobile patrol. It may reduce your insurance premiums and the threat deterrent is undeniable. Vandals and thieves will simply move on rather than bother once they know our patrol is active.

Reduce your risk by engaging Zirkops to patrol your premises. Just call (423) 710-3170 today to learn more.