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A plan for the home invaders of the worst kind!

No one wants to think about the possibility of a home invasion or close encounter break in while the family is home but, it does happen.  Many families have faced these terrifying events and many more will in the future.  As a result some families have suffered physical and or emotionally scars while some no longer have a second chance to survive.

Plan for a home invader of the worst  kind because invaders do not come in peace, if they did they would have made an appointment.  Home defense is best implemented in a sound plan of action.  That plan finds every member of the family in participation… for it’s potential life’s blood and should be taken that seriously.  A home invasion is an attack, an attack is a fight, so fight to win and put the castle doctrine to use.

Step  1.) Family members:

All family members need to stay in place and move to secure location inside their bedrooms. That secure location includes being as close to the floor as possible.  In the event of gunfire, rounds may easily pass through walls and strike unintended targets.  Children do not need to enter hallways or roam around investigating.  A child entering a room or hallway can be disastrous.  This distraction makes target identification difficult and clutters shot opportunities and angles. Murphy’s Law will be in full effect against you and there is no need to help stack the deck in Murphy’s favor.  Jam Murphy at the start with a quick call to 911.  You’re going to need help sorting this disaster so get them on the way fast.

Step 2.) Ambush:

Knowing that Step 1 is in motion, standing targets get first looks, so set the trap.  Move to predestinated ambush and choke points in the house.  What are choke points or fatal funnels?  Those are places where invaders will have to pass through to get from one place to another.  Good fatal funnel examples are stairs, hallways with few doorways and any window.  Invaders must pass through the doorway to enter or exit the room.  Invaders must move down hallways and traverse stairs to get from one place to another. You know they have to be there at some point so, get ready to light it up with a flashlight, verbal commands stating your intent and or gunfire.  Shooting is last resort for a variety of reasons.   Over penetration of bullets into rooms where family may be, structural damage to the walls and if nothing else the invader cleanup involved.  A good ambush location is a position overlooking the main floor from an elevated position on the second floor.  Once in the ambush position, watch the funnels and implement countermeasures as needed.  Keep yourself in the dark and shadows while putting invaders in the light.  You know the house they may not be as aware of their environment.

Step 3.) Countermeasures:

Hopefully the alarms have sounded and the invader(s) have retreated.  Hopefully you have audio and video captured from you alarm system to give to police.   If the invaders have entered the castle then it is time to start the countermeasure.   The countermeasure you use will be reaction based to intruder actions.  Invaders may advance or retreat, they may accidently enter rooms were family may be.  This will cause you to run a play option and switch from ambush to attack mode.  Flow quickly to that area, eliminate threats, acquire the family and reset countermeasures as needed.  That’s a lot of work under stress and it will be difficult.  Luck favors the prepared, so train.  Take classes and train because you may be required to shoot on the move, shoot in low light and/or engage in hand to hand combat.  Hand to hand is a fight, it needs to be quick and to the point just like shooting.  Wasted time means wasted skin.  One hit, one knockout is the focus. Target soft spots with extreme force.  The only rule is: never give up; we fight to win.  It might not be pretty but there is no second place when the family is at stake.

Step 4.) Focus on the goal:

The goal is family survival.  If invaders are taking things from the house, let it go.  Those items can be replaced, family cannot.  Again, if invaders are taking things let it go, if invaders are trying to take skin, take them out.   People become upset because their belongings are being stolen and they advance to that location and confront the intruder.  Do not advance, you are not the only one that has a gun.  To get hurt or killed over possessions is silly.  Whatever they are taking is probably used anyway and something newer and better is at the store.

Step 5.) Do it:

Just do it! Make a plan and practice it.  Get the family involved and train for it.  It is not weird and you are not paranoid, it is family business.  You plan for good times like vacation now plan for bad times by planning, training and practicing.  After you get these home invasion plans down, start planning for other emergencies like what if you come home in the middle of the invasion?  What if we are on vacation, at the mall or at work?