Exactly what is a personal self defense boundary?

self defense

Let us think of it as the way you allow someone to act in your presence and what you are willing to let them do.  One of the key elements in self defense is in the preparation and implementation of personal boundaries.  The concept of setting these boundaries and sticking to them often becomes the slippery slope between, “how did I get to this point?” and more importantly, “how do I get out?”  Frequently we set boundaries and when they are crossed, we simply move “the line in the sand” back farther to accommodate the offender for a glossary of different reasons.  An “offender” will actively and repeatedly encroach on personal boundary lines to check for solvency in their foundation.  This is like testing the walls of a castle looking for weaknesses.  This assault could be direct to covert, from physical to psychological.  It could take a second or be spread over a lifetime.  So, preparation is the key, followed by vigilance when approaching threats.  How do we become a “PERSONAL SELF DEFENSE BOUNDARY SETTER”?   Like any good battle, the terms need to be in your favor and in your best interests.  It really is all about you and your safety.  It really is all about what you want to accept.  It does not matter the scope of your boundary or the height of your wall, it only matters that you feel safe inside.  Set clear and solid personal boundaries for yourself.  Watch for invaders and storms rising in the distance.  It is not about being paranoid; it is about being prepared as a “PERSONAL SELF DEFENSE BOUNDARY SETTER”.