Should I Carry My Gun Without a Holster?

To holster or not to holster, that is the question.

Always holster!  To just carry a handgun in your pocket or purse without a holster is a bad idea on so many different levels.  It can be very unsafe, non-tactical and impractical.  A holster provides a level of safety by covering the trigger and preventing accidental discharges.   An accidental discharge is better known as, “you pulled the trigger when you didn’t mean to”.  So get your bugger hooks off the bang switch until you are ready to shoot.  Often an accidental discharge is a self-correcting mistake resulting in an array of adventurous scenarios.  Scenarios of an extreme physical adventure could result in a flash of light and the placement of angel wings.   A milder adventure could be the use of a tourniquet and/or extra holes in the body.  The mildest adventure is often enjoyed as the soiling or damaging of the clothing and a pronounced ringing in the ears.  A financial adventure often occurs as an extra bonus and that is enjoyed as a lawsuit.  Lawsuits spring when the bullet hits other people, places or things.  Simply said, holsters protect triggers and prevent fingers from being where they shouldn’t.

Holsters keep the gun oriented in a position so they can be acquired safely, quickly and easily.  People that do not use holsters will find it difficult to fish the handgun from the pocket or purse as other items may get in the way.  Fumbling around trying to find your gun, in a self-defense situation is horrible when seconds on the gun means seconds on the earth.  A gun carried tucked in the waistband without a holster could result in the gun slipping out and falling to the floor.  A great way to gain attention and announce that you have a gun is to let it fall to the ground in plain sight of everyone.

Carrying a gun without a holster is unsafe because the trigger is not protected from accidental contact by your finger or something else in a purse or pocket.  Carrying a gun without a holster is non-tactile because the gun is not in a position to be accessed in the event of need. Carrying a gun without a holster is impractical because the gun is unsecured and can slip around.   Buying a holster is a great thing for you and the world around you.

Be Safe,