'Does this outfit make my concealed weapon look big?'

  The world seems to be getting more unpredictable by the minute.  It seems everyone is buying guns and training to use them.  The problem now is identifying the “good guys”.  Since there is no way to know, we will call them “armed persons”.  So, what are the top 5 best ways to identify an armed person?

#1   Shirt outside the pants

       A shirt worn outside the pants is the #1 characteristic of a person with a gun.  An un-tucked shirt should be a clue that a weapon may be concealed.  It is very easy and comfortable to strap a holster on your belt and simply cover it with an un-tucked shirt.  The combination of holster and shirt could easily conceal the outline of the gun itself.

#2  Clothes and environment don’t match

       Look for people who are wearing clothes that are not appropriate for the temperature or environment.  If it is 100 degrees outside and someone is wearing a heavy jacket, this should stand out like wearing a raincoat to the pool.  Oversized baggy clothes can easily conceal many different weapons to include shotguns, rifles, explosives and or ammunition.  If the person looks uncomfortable due to being overdressed for the event or venue, they very well could be trying to hide something.

#3  Outline of a weapon

        Wearing clothes that are too tight, form fitting or tapered could easily expose the outline of a weapon.  Looking for the outline or basic shape of a firearm under a person’s clothes might be the easiest clue to detect.  Handles, barrels and frame shapes are specific characteristics of a gun.  Characteristic shapes in pockets or a bulky holster may distort the human body line making the gun obvious.  Learning to hide a weapon on your person is an art.

#4  Right Side

       Most people are right handed.  This makes access to the weapon any area the right hand can quickly grab.  Look for gun outlines and characteristic lumps around those areas.  Many people wear holsters but, some people simply push the gun into the waistband behind their belt buckle or down the back of their pants.  This is not a good way to secure the weapon but is a hasty way to quickly conceal it.  Inside the left ankle is a good place to conceal and can be very effective especially if the person is wearing boots.  Look for pockets that hang low or look heavy, they may be bearing the weight of a gun.  How do you know a person is right handed?  Look for a watch.  Watch on the left wrist usually means the person is right handed.

#5  Fidgets and adjusts

       A person who is uncomfortable with the weapon being on their person may continuously check it.  This checking could be several times a minute and is called “bumping”.  They may subconsciously feel for or adjust the weight of the weapon.  They may sit down and hit the gun accidentally against the chair or bump it against walls, giving away the concealment.  When the person stands quickly they will almost always readjust the weapon making it more comfortable to carry.

In today’s world you can never be too safe.  Quick looks around the room to discover who is packing a gun and who isn’t could be the lifesaving edge in survival.  Observation skills will increase as you employ them so start by giving these TOP 5 CHARACTERISTICS OF AN ARMED PERSON a try.  You will be surprised at what you see and even more surprised who is packing.

Oh Wow!  Nice gun grandma!

Be Safe,