christmas_wallpaper_presentsWell it is the holidays again and the Black Friday rush has once again come and gone. Now for the Christmas shopping marathon. With all the running around, being tired and stopping so many places it is easy to let your guard down. We have all seen it at one time or the other as we walk through the parking lot. You can’t help but notice a purse, computer, Christmas gifts or cash money plainly visible in the vehicle. This is never a good idea and it sounds like a police report is about to happen.

The following is a few tips for keeping items safe in the sleigh while you shop.
It is hard to get more stuff in the car when it is already full of stuff. Get in the trunk and clean it out. There is probably stuff in there that needs to be in the garage. Take unessential items out of the trunk to make room for gifts that would have to be in the back seat if the truck is full of other stuff.
Never leave valuables in plain view of passersby. Put computers, purses and expensive jackets in the trunk and don’t leave them in the car overnight. Lock up the car and set the alarm. The window is easily broken allowing access to items but, the trunk is a little tricky to get into.
Your car can only carry so much stuff. Fill the trunk and then take it home. Unload the car and return to shopping. The car will only carry so much Christmas fun and when it can’t take any more you start to take short cuts. Short cuts mean placing things in the back seat for short periods of time which equals out to be drama with a twist of police report.
Shopping items that make their way to the back seat need to at least be covered. Get an old blanket and simply cover purchased items in the back seat. It will at least keep people from readily seeing an item and helps to keep down temptations to smash and grab.
Find a friend or family member that doesn’t like to shop, recruit them to sit with the car and its contents. Potential thieves will usually look for soft, fast targets and will limit risks associated with their identification and arrest. Your guard will have a direct impact on the security of the area as police will be but a phone call away.
The best thing to remember about holiday gift shopping is to not over extend yourself and overrun your security. Plain and simple, out of sight, out of mind is the best plan for securing your gifts as you shop and enjoy the holiday festivities.
Be Safe