Xtreme Divas 360 is the Ultimate Self Defense Class For Women

Self defense for women, no matter what size, age or physical condition you may be in, these methods will make you safer and more confident.  This is a 5 step hands-on program designed to increase your situational awareness and teach you powerful force options in escape and strike principles.

Class time 8 hrs.  Class cost $150.

Off-site classes can be broken up into 2 hr ($50), 4 hr($75) or full 8 hr versions($150).

Ask for details.  423-710-3170

Environmental Awareness

Learning to use the environment to your advantage and identify problems before they arise is a key element in personal self defense. You will learn techniques to increase confidence and develop a mental mindset. This development will keep you focused during a hostile event and your body language will reflect that. Simple fixes to safe-proof your home makes it less inviting to burglars and easier to defend during home invasions. While on the road you will be exposed to a variety of dangers. This class will address what to do during carjacking, assaults inside the vehicle and how to use your car as a means of defense. If you encounter car problems we will address ways to secure yourself till help arrives and look at simple “you fix it” tools to get back on the road. At the conclusion of your first class you will leave with counter-intelligence tricks used to identify would be assailants and develop your own “black book of dirty tricks” used against would be attackers.

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In step 2, training shifts from a mental platform to physical hands-on applications grounded in real world scenarios that are practiced in the classroom. You are taught principles and techniques that put you in a position of advantage. Learn to escape from grabs, chokes, hair pulls, bear hugs and other physical controls. These newly acquired skills are practiced from a variety of positions and angles to include sitting, standing, held against a wall or trapped in a vehicle. These escapes rely on positioning and movement to overcome the hold, not brute force. This key principle negates an attacker’s size and strength giving advantage to the person being attacked.

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Ground Escapes

This segment of the course is devoted to ‘ground work’. You will focus on fighting off an attack while on the ground. Being taken to the ground can be extremely frightening and potentially lethal. Methods used during this section will assist students in gaining control over their fears as well as the balance of their attackers. Students will have a variety of options when being held down. You will learn how to escape from mounted choke positions from behind or on top despite the size of the attacker. Leverage and control are key components in this section where size and strength are negated by balance displacement.

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Step 4 is a transitional class that prepares you to cause physical damage to the attacker. The primary goal is escape, but you may find yourself in a position where escape is not an option, for instance with children in tow. ‘Mama Bear’ instincts kick in and this class takes you there. By being constantly in motion, you learn to strike, move, move and strike, never allowing your attacker to reacquire the advantage. Learning to deal out strikes to soft targets while moving to safe positions is a key element in this class. Blindness, demoralizing agony and intense pain are but a few of the side effects from strikes landed to targeted areas. Our goal is not to stand in the trenches and fight, our goal is to win. If that means dig in and fight then we have the means to deliver.

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This introduction to weaponized self-protection utilizes common, easily found items into attack stoppers. You will learn how to quickly use car keys, finger nail files, scissors and aerosol sprays to cause major damage to would be attackers. This class covers effective use of pepper spray, electronic shocking devices, edged weapons and basic firearms skills. Simple items like credit cards, pocket change and towels are used as major self-defense weapons.

“Zirk and Brannon are great instructors”

They can educate on any level and personally care about making each student successful in whatever they are being taught. Their ability to be serious and fun is an added bonus. – Mary

ZirkOps Xtreme Divas 360 IS Self Defense For Women