• July 4, 2024
    5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Aerosol Weapons Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Training:    Class cost: $70.00 (4 hours) This security guard training training is designed as an OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) training course to use any brand of aerosol weapons. Our teaching is based on the latest curriculum. Through certified training, students will follow these objectives:  History of OC–Definitions and Components–Production–Effects–Delivery Systems–Deployment Considerations (more…)

  • July 11, 2024
    5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Basic Expandable Baton Course: Class cost: $70.00 (4 hours) This Expandable Baton Basic Certification Program is a 4-hour course. It is designed around the blocking and striking capabilities of the straight expandable baton Stance Patterns of Movement Baton Grip Baton Methods of carrying Baton Draws Baton Two-Handed Grip Blocks Baton Counter Strikes Baton Retention (more…)

  • July 12, 2024
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Class Cost:  $85  3 Hours ALL GUNS, AMMO & HOLSTERS PROVIDED.  Come join us for 3 hours of  adventure and instruction where you will learn: Handgun Safety & Marksmanship skills – The Art of Concealment – Fitting your Gun to Your Lifestyle and needs – Manipulating your weapon as a female, smarter not harder – (more…)

  • July 13, 2024
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Get informed:  Learn where the active shooter trend came from and where it is going. Set your strategy Inside:  Go over strategic protocols, shelter-in-place, and evacuation procedures. Set your strategy Outside:  Learn how and where to barricade to provide the most safety possible. Practice for Possibilities:  Implement Scenarios (no live guns or ammo involved) Talk (more…)

  • July 14, 2024
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Class time 8 hrs.  Class cost $150. This is a 5 step hands-on women’s self-defense program designed to increase your situational awareness and teach you powerful force options in escape and strike principles.  No matter your size, age, or physical condition, these methods will increase your confidence, your awareness, and your self-defense skills.  This course (more…)

  • July 16, 2024
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Ladies, We have so many ladies who have rifles, which is an awesome thing!! This will be our first rifle cleaning class, so bring your rifles and cleaning kits…and as always, let’s have a fun time learning.     This registration link is for Basic members and visitors. V.I.P. members please RSVP via email or (more…)

  • July 18, 2024
    5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Tactical Handcuffing and Search Class cost: $70.00 (4 hours) Tactical handcuffing and search is a course designed to assist security professionals with information and practical techniques in the proper application of wrist restraints and search procedures without the concern of civil repercussions Use of force and force applications of locks Handcuff Nomenclature Types of Subjects (more…)

  • July 19, 2024
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Basic Handgun Course Class time 3 hrs.  Class cost $75 Students attending this class will be entering into a structured program designed around the first time ‘entry-level’ shooter.  The course curriculum is intended to bring new shooters into the shooting arena with a focus on the following topics: Gun Safety/Cleaning/Storage, Introduction/Function/Operation, Revolvers/Semi-automatics, Basic Marksmanship Skills, (more…)

  • July 20, 2024
    9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Class time 8 hrs.  Class cost $70 ZirkOps Enhanced handgun permit classes follow industrial standards set by the state of Tennessee to ensure quality certifications.  The Tennessee state guidelines are as follows:  Safety, Practice and Application – Firearm Cleaning and Storage – Legal Liabilities of Carrying, Possessing and Using a Handgun – Firing Range – (more…)

  • July 20, 2024 - July 21, 2024
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

ARMED SECURITY OFFICER / GUARD REQUIREMENTS FOR THE STATE OF TENNESSEE Class cost: $175.00 (16 hours) Training to become a Tennessee-certified armed security officer includes an examination covering specific subject materials. STATE REQUIREMENTS says all candidates must complete: 4-hour basic course that includes one (1) hour each of: Orientation Legal powers and limitations of a (more…)