Project Description

Women’s Handgun Carry Permit Class

Class Time: 8 hours

Class Cost: $70

A Class Designed FOR Women, BY Women

We all know that women see life differently than men. Not a bad thing, just a different thing. There is also a level of intimidation when learning about guns in a class full of men. Learning about guns can be a little more emotional for the female gender. We have to know our weapon and understand why it does what it does in order to be comfortable enough to conceal carry. Our minds are more concerned with our loved ones possibly being hurt by a gun we have brought into their environment. For a woman, DNA has made you a nurturer and protector, so being comfortable and understanding the gun world, and applying it to our personal life is much more than a little card we carry in our wallet.

Zirkops handgun permit classes follow industrial standards set by the state of Tennessee to insure quality certifications. The Tennessee state guidelines are as follows:

Safety, Practice & Application

Firearm Cleaning & Storage

Legal Liabilities of Carrying, Possessing & Using a Handgun

Firing Range

Basic Marksmanship Skills


Firearms Qualification


Please go online at to obtain your state confirmation number. Please bring this number to class.

At the Completion of This Course:

Students will have met or exceeded Tennessee handgun permit standards mandated by the state. Students will be issued the documentation used by the DMV to facilitate the carry permit application.

Pre-class Information:

Tennessee State Application:

To be prepared for class you will need to go to and complete the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Application. This will only take a few minutes and can be done from a smart phone or computer. Upon completion of the application, you will be given a application number. It is all numbers and does not contain any letters. Please write this number down, print the page and/or create a screen capture so that you will have record of this number. Once you exit this screen you will not be able to obtain this number again and we do not have access to your number. This application number is important because it is how we will link your certificate of completion to the state so that you will be able to obtain your Carry Permit, so please bring this number with you to class.

Firearm Requirements:

For the range test, you will need a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition. Please note that you do not have to test with the gun that you will be carrying, so individuals often use a smaller caliber handgun for testing. If you do not have a gun then we do provide rentals at a reasonable cost and we also have ammunition on site for sale if needed. (When renting our guns, each person must have own gun and use Zirkops or Carter Shooting ammunition in the rental guns) If you bring your own firearm (unloaded) then you must leave it in your vehicle or you may store it in a locker in the back of the classroom until time for the shooting test. We do provide eye and ear protection at no charge.

Lunch and Breaks:

You will receive a short break at the beginning of each hour and a lunch break. Common practice is for everyone to bring their lunch or go to one of the many places nearby and pick up lunch and bring it back to eat in the classroom. Class starts with the last person back, not to exceed 1 hour.


When you arrive at Zirkops Training, 6212 Hwy 58, Harrison, TN 37341, please park to the left of the building in front of the storage units. You should see signs that direct you to the proper area.

After Class:

Upon completion of your class at Zirkops Training, you will receive a certificate of completion. You will then take our certificate of completion to the Tennessee Drivers Services (any location in the state of Tennessee) to apply for you handgun carry permit. You will pay the state registration fees and those fees will include your fingerprint fees. Visit for state document requirements and pricing. Please note that if you are a veteran, you will receive a discount thru the state but will be required to show your DD-214 to Drivers Services when applying for your permit. You will have 1 year to file your certificate after completing your class.

Final Step:

Driver services will direct you where to get your fingerprint scan.

TN State Reciprocity (Recognizing Carry Permits From State to State):

Follow this link for information regarding which states recognize your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and which states DO NOT.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that life happens and you might need to reschedule your class time. We do allow rescheduling as long as it is prior to 48 hours of the start time of your class. However, we only allow a student to reschedule twice. The third occasion will result in forfeiture of your registration. To reschedule classes you must call Zirkops directly at (423) 710-3170 even if you originally registered through Carters. We often turn away students due to limited class capacity so, unfortunately, “no shows” or calls to reschedule within 48 hours of your class start time will lead to the forfeiture of 100% of your registration. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to meeting you in class.

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All classes are handicapped-accessible and offer valuable techniques for every student.