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Beginner Classes, Conceal Carry Permits and Advanced Tactical Firearms Training

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Xtreme Diva’s 360

The Ultimate Women’s Self Defense Class available in levels I, II and III


Safety Training

Train in the Latest Life Saving Techniques used by Professional Law Enforcement Personnel.

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We're teaching women to identify threats and deal with them accordingly
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Get the mental mindset and confidence you need to be ready for any situation that may arise.

Our techniques will give you force options, build your confidence and help you to remain focused in the face of a hostile event

As a female, I had a lot of anxieties about being made to feel stupid or inferior in a gun safety course. Thankfully, Ron and Tammy made me feel completely at ease and confident in my abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed the Beginners Handgun course, and have since signed up to take the Concealed Carry course as well as the Women’s Holster course.
We took the Handgun Permit Class today 12/12/2015 and it was awesome. Ron was very informative and made the class fun. Both Ron and Tammy are nice and welcoming people, I can’t wait to go and take more classes they offer. Thanks ZIRKOPS
Took the carry permit class and it was great the instructor Ron zirk was great he told you everything exactly like it is and told you everything you need to know including real world stuff not covered by other places. Ron has a ton of certifications and is the most trained, best teacher, and most down to earth instructed I’ve met. All of my friends have went to others for the class and we all agreed that this hands down has to be the best. they worked with everyone and have so many other classes besides just carry permit.
The training was great. In my field of work safety is the top issue and that’s the one thing he always stressed about. The way you carry a weapon to what to do if you have to fire the weapon. I learned so much in class. My fiancée wants to go back to take some womens self defense classes also. Great guy and he REALLY knows his stuff.
Went through the Zirkops handgun class today and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even the experienced handgun users will learn something. I brought my Mom with me to take the class as well, the instructors were patient and did a great job working with Mom on the shooting range.
Instructor kept the class formal, was very knowledgeable on the subject, but kept your attention with the way he delivered all the information. Class was prepared ahead of time so no time was wasted. Thumbs up to Ms Tammy and Ron.

A Winning Team

Zirkops training is based on real-world law enforcement experience. Ronald Zirk is a training Instructor for the Chattanooga Police Department specializing in use-of-force, defensive tactics and firearms skills for law enforcement. Our classes are built on techniques that work for everyone, no matter what size, shape or physical condition you may be in. Our proven fundamentals enable persons at any level of wellness to protect themselves and even more importantly to avoid and/or escape situations that can lead to a hostile confrontation.

  • Xtreme Divas 360 Women’s Self-Defense
  • Beginner and Advanced Handgun Training
  • Tennessee Conceal Carry Permit Classes
  • Men’s Defense Training Courses
  • CPR/Safety Training



Don’t Be A Victim

There’s no reason to be unsure about your safety. Build confidence and Stay safe in any situation 


Protect Your Kids From Bullies

Share your new skills with family and friends. Give them the tools to protect themselves


Learn How To Escape

Your best defense is a good offense and violent situations are best avoided/escaped


Unleash Your Inner Diva

Every woman wants to be stronger, let us train you to win

There's no reason to be a helpless victim, we teach you what you need to know

We reveal the methods to help you avoid dangerous situations and keep your family safe
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When you’re alone, it’s vitally important to know how to escape
a dangerous situation

Would you be afraid, panicked and unsure if your safety was at stake? Then Learn self-defense! Let Zirkops show you exactly what to do when faced with violent situations or altercations

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