Project Description

Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) User Course

Class Time: 4 hrs

Class Cost: $70

This course provides the basic operational theory and practical training for users to reasonably, safely, and effectively operate CEWs. This course covers the major CEWs, and will certify those who successfully complete the course as CEW users.

The course also includes several drills and a knowledge assessment is required. Exposure during the Instructor Course is not required. It is voluntary. We do not require officers to be exposed to a CEW device to be certified as a user.

Through certified training, students will follow these objectives:

CEW Technology

Neuro‐muscular Incapacitation

Medical & Safety Information

Legal Issues


Probe Removal

Risks Associated With CEW Use

CEW Cam & CEW Cam HD

Recertification is required every 2 years which includes attending the 4-hour class for departmental mandated training and reviewing the CEW annual user update, product warnings, and current training bulletins.

It is Recommended That End Users Re-certify Annually.