wife shirtGIFT FOR HER

Wondering what to get your lady for a special occasion?

Nothing says I love you like a good quality firearm but, will she like it and will she be comfortable enough to use or carry it?  It has been my experience that when a man buys a woman a gun, without her input, she rarely likes it and even more rarely shoots it.  I have seen this time and time again and if you have seen or experienced it, you know what I am talking about.  I mean, you bought the best 45 cal. 1911 on the market, why does she not want to carry it around all day like you do?

Well here are some of the problems.  You bought the gun for you, not her.  It fits your hands and most likely is closer to fitting your shooting ability than hers.  She may not be able to effectively handle the weight, the size and the amount of recoil at this stage of her shooting proficiency.  Your gun, you bought for her, may be uncomfortable for her to carry around and, just plain and simple, not practical for her or her purse.  Some estimates say that shooting proficiency is 90% mental and if this is true, then what is her shooting proficiency when she hates shooting, or worse when she is scared?   She definitely needs to be involved in the picking process.  She knows what fits her hands so, go to the gun case and get all of them out.  See what fits best and go from there.  If she is new to shooting, then start out the first purchase with a 22 cal. semi auto pistol.  Don’t say you already have one, it is not hers.  Ownership is the point.  It is hers, she shoots “better” with her gun.  This is the first step to setting up that 90% mental proficiency.

The 22 cal. semi auto pistol is easy to control and rather inexpensive to shoot when compared to other calibers.   Often 22 cal. semi auto pistols will be light weight, the recoil from the shot will be easy to manage and the sound will not be so loud and shocking to the ears.  Start out with the target close, the 3 yrd. line is perfect.  Here the target can easily be hit, and with some basic marksmanship skills training, the target will quickly be moved back for more of a challenge.   As her confidence increases, slowly introduce larger calibers and repeat the process each time before moving up in caliber.

It might be more beneficial for you to purchase training classes for her and one of her friends.  Anxiety and fear can be easier to overcome when a friend is there to experience the process.  If she likes to shoot then that means she will like shopping for guns.  If she likes them then she may buy one for you and that will be your gun.  Don’t get mad if she out shoots you, you can always save face by saying, “a gentleman always lets a lady win”, that’s what I do!


Be Safe