Women’s Holster & Handgun Class

Class time is 3 hours – Class Cost is $65

More Than One Way To Carry


This class is very informative for the woman who knows she’s interested in firearm safety and the possibility of carrying her handgun on or with her.  This class introduces you to Basic Handgun Safety and the manipulating and use of your handgun as a female.  We will be learning to work smarter not harder when working our slides and loading our weapons.  We will also cover your stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control and breathing when learning to shoot correctly.   This class allows you to shoot numerous handguns of all makes, models and calibers which assists you in determining what’s right for you and your lifestyle, as well as narrow down the type of handgun that fits the purpose for which you intend.  We will cover your basic cleaning and maintenance and storage options for your firearms.   

This is followed with the adventure of trying on a large variety of different holsters to assist you in finding the right holster for your body type and to determine the most comfortable location to wear your holster.   As you will discover, trying to hide straight lines on curves can be a challenge.  Mastering the ability to hide a gun on a Woman’s body is an artform in itself.  This class will help you get past the challenges and discover exactly what you like and what your personal style is when it comes to handgun and holster combo for your body.  If carrying on your body is not for you, we will also present other carry options for you such as purses, planners & fanny packs to name a few.  This class will help you with situational awareness and how to incorporate guns into your life.  Whatever your need, we will help answer your questions.  Come join us for 3 fun hours of discovery.

  • Handgun Safety & Marksmanship skills
  • The Art of Concealment
  • Fitting your Gun to Your Lifestyle and needs
  • Manipulating your weapon as a female, smarter not harder
  • Handgun cleaning, maintenance and storage
  • Situational Awareness & Defense