Personal Fitness Trainer

Reclaim The Real You

Class time/cost $40/hr

Inside everyone there is a spark just waiting to be lit.  Sometimes you just need a little motivation to get you pointed in the right direction. The Zirkops Personal Fitness Trainer shows you how to forge your strength and inner athlete. Celebrate your strength and reclaim the real you with a custom plan designed just for you. You have the power to reach your goals, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do. Zirkops Personal Fitness Students achieve fitness goals through integrative nutritional, exercise and mental conditioning to sculpt bodies naturally and safely.  Structured based on your needs, tailored for what you want and built around your lifestyle. 

  • Personal Weight Training
  • Targeted Cardio Routines
  • Proven Hiit Workouts
  • Creative Crossfit Styles
  • Progress, Variety, fun
  • Re-energize, Re-connect and Re-focus

Take the thinking out of exercise with Tammy Zirk, the Zirkops Fitness Trainer. Tammy takes the guesswork out of fitness with exercise and nutritional plans designed for your particular situation. Certified as a Specialist in Sports Nutrition and as a Personal Fitness Trainer, you have an expert to guide you through every aspect of reaching your fitness and health goals.

Zirkops – Chattanooga Personal Fitness Trainer