Zirkops Teaches the Ultimate Mens Defensive Tactics Class

This is not your typical martial arts based class. Instead, this combat style approach to self defense is an all in – no rules course.  Some of the concepts and ideas are intended to deliver the user victorious in the face of battle. The fighting approach used in this class is simple and to the point….do the most damage in the shortest amount of time without wasting energy.

Class time 8 hrs.  Class cost is $150.

Situational awareness

Students will look at situational awareness issues and develop plans to insure positive outcomes. Students will be able to identify basic body language indicator that a threat is present and apply the appropriate use of force. Students will develop plans of attack and escape to be implemented throughout the course curriculum. This includes how to survive heart rate and breathing issues that can rob you of power and mental focus

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Students will learn principles of attack and defense from a standing position. Students will address an attacker(s) with a variety of strikes and kicks while using angles and countermeasures. Movement principles will include rooting, sinking, entering and blending

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Students will learn principles of escape from a position on the ground. Often an attack will end up on the ground and you need to know the ins and outs of basic ground escapes. Fighting principles will explore and implement fighting off your back, escaping guard, mount, side mount and back control. Escapes will include strikes, traps and chokes

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Students will apply basic standing and ground fighting principles in a blended fighting approach to self-defense. This will assist the student to flow smoothly through the fighting process as it may transition from standing to ground and back again

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Weapons Response

Students will explore the idea of “no fair in fight”. Students will look at using simple weapons like extension cord, belts, scissors, sprays and liquids that can be in any office or home. Students will learn simple knife fighting principles as well as basic gun carry and use

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At the conclusion of this program students will be able to identify the key elements of self-defense. The focus will be on the definitions and use of deadly force, assault and aggravated assault. Students will have a better understanding of how to use force and how to explain it in court.

Hopefully this program is what you are interested in and will choose our program to assist you in your personal protection needs. Our concepts and principles are violent and unorthodox in application and approach. We look forward to training together and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us or drop by for a visit.

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