Ages 4 to 10   3/Hrs

Basic Handgun $65 3/Hrs

Basic Rifle $65 3/Hrs

Basic Shotgun $65 3/Hrs

Intermediate also available for each type of firearm training depending on child’s safety and skill level.

The KIDS FIREARM Course is a class designed to encourage participation in shooting sports with the focus on firearm safety above all else.  Family participation is preferred as students study the importance of following firearm safety rules and the application of those rules when a firearm is encountered.  Special attention is given to explain the difference between toy and weapon.  This class outlines appropriate use for firearms and how to report those infractions to parents and or adults.
Student’s review and practice basic marksmanship skills in the classroom and on the range.  The noise and apprehension of the live fire portion of the class can be scary for some students.  Provisions are made to make this transition smooth and exciting.

Start a lifetime of fun by introducing a hobby the entire family can enjoy.

  • Principles and practice of firearms safety
  • Basic marksmanship application
  • Physical applications of skills on the range









Upon completion of this class, students will be able to identify and apply safety principles for firearms. Special attention to safety protocol and procedures will set rules for proper firearm handling in sports / hunting participations. Students will have a basic foundation in marksmanships skills that they can use to place shots on target. Students will be able to safely and effectively fix weapons malfunction, clean and store their guns while following safety guidelines in the home, on the range, and in the field. This class has a physical participation element where students accompany instructors in live fire practicums. On the range safety guidelines are reinforced through applications and repetitions. Parents are encouraged to attend as shooting sports can be a wonderful family event. Size appropriate firearms may be available upon request and rental of the weapon must be done prior to the class.

Pre-Class Information

Children can participate in the following classes:

  • Handgun
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun

ZIRKOPS takes the training of its students very seriously. Due to the age of the participant, parents must sign a waiver before the student can enter into the program. Students and parents must understand this is not a class for PLAY. Shooting sports can be very exciting and a pleasure to enjoy for a lifetime but, shooting related activities can be extremely dangerous if not taken seriously. Exact adherence to the rules and regulations set forth in this class will be followed to the letter. Any deviation from the program, by participants, will lead to prompt dismissal from the program without reimbursements. If allowed to enter the program at a later date, any student dismissed will be evaluated by our review board and a unanimous approval must be obtained before reentering any program offered.

Children’s Defense (anti-bullying) 10 & under


As defined by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: (Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.) The principles of bullying revolve around the two terms, repetitious and aggressive behavior.

  • What is bullying?
  • What is the cause and effect of bullying on individuals and society?
  • Ways to prevent bullying?
  • What is bullycide to include ways to prevent it?
  • Ways to help your school fight bullying.

Repetitious and aggressive behavior can cause physical as well physiological damage. Students in this class will address the concepts of bullying from two perspectives, one perspective as the bully the other as the victim. By exploring both sides of the issue students can get a better understanding of definitions, causes and effects related the following topics taught in the class.

The approach of this class is not all physical. It is designed to help educate children and parents in ways to identify and effectively eliminate bullying. This class also addresses those students that may be suffering from issues causing them to bully others. Parents looking for a first step in helping their child to stop bullying others should give this class a try. The more advanced physical approach to self-defense is addressed in the JUNIOR SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES.